Using just one or two simulations without installing the whole package. Simulations can be run independently without recourse to the top level library

All the files which make up the Virtual Physical Laboratory are contained in a folder on the hard drive (normally in c:\program files\virtual physical laboratory). They are grouped by the same chapter divisions as shown in the tope level program of VPLab.

Create a new directory with a name of your choice using windows explorer. It can be created anywhere on your computer, including on a USB memory stick, or a shared folder on a network.

Two dynamic link libraries are needed for this to work. ‘lvrt.dll’ (normally located in c:\program files\virtual physical laboratory) and ‘lvsound.dll’ (normally located in c:\program files\virtual physical laboratory\sound\data) will need to be copied (not cut & pasted or dragged) into your new directory. Now copy (not cut & paste, and not drag) any of the simulations you want into your new folder.

These simulations will now run on any machine supporting windows 95 onwards, without needing the full installation. If using a USB memory stick, it can be transported to any other computer, and the simulations can be made to run simply by using windows explorer and double clicking on any of the ‘*.exe’ files that you have selected to copy.