09. Electronics

9.1. Capacitor
9.2. Capacitor Combinations
9.3. Diodes
9.4. High Pass Filter
9.5. Light Dependent Resistor
9.6. Light Emitting Diodes
9.7. Logic Gates
9.8. Low Pass Filter
9.9. Operational Amplifiers
9.10.A Voltage Comparator
9.11.B Non Inverting Amplifier
9.12.C Inverting Amplifier
9.13.D Adder
9.14.E Difference Amplifier
9.15.F Differentiating Amplifier
9.16.G Integrator
9.17.H Digital to Analogue
9.18.I Subtractor
9.19. Oscillator
9.20. Photodiodes
9.21. Semiconductors
9.22. Thermistor
9.23. Transistor
9.24.A Input Characteristics
9.25.B Output Characteristics
9.26.C Current Transfer Characteristics
9.27.D The Transistor as an Audio Amplifier
9.28. Zener Diodes